Hereward Kaye composer singer song writer title
Hereward Kaye composer singer song writer title
Hereward Kaye composer singer song writer title

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Hereward Kaye composer singer song writer title

The King & Dai


The King & Dai

“It was a windy West Ham morning, late November, late Eighties. We were burning Virgil, probably the world’s number one Elvis fan”.

So begins Hereward Kaye's Musical 'THE KING AND DAI', with tormented teenager Neville attending the cremation of family friend Virgil, only to discover – thanks to a heartless remark by his drunken mother Sharon - that Virgil wasn’t a family friend at all. He was in fact Nev’s own father, the father he'd never known, and now it was too late to call him Dad.


Worse still, Virgil committed suicide, and Nev knows from his compulsive Gameboy game ‘Underworld’, the fate of every suicide is to turn into a tree, for all eternity.

48 hours later, Nev too has shuffled off this mortal coil, mashed to a pulp by girlfriend Gracie's murderous brothers, Rick and Frank. Born away and abandoned by the Banks of the River Styx, Nev has no choice but to join the throng of Penniless Souls clamouring to board Charon’s raft. For the race is now on; Nev knows he must descend the Circles of Hell to claim his father before Suicide Orchard does.

Will Nev reach Virgil in time? Can he beat fate - and it's creepy lieutenant, Welsh undertaker Dai the Death?

The kind and dai musical
The kind and dai musical
  First he must face Hades Courtroom (and a jury of happy-clappy vicars), escape the Punishment Fields of Tartarus, evade Death-metal duo Cerberus The Dog – and even stand-up the King of Rock ‘n Roll himself: a gun-toting, burger-bloated Elvis!

And after all that he’s got to cheat death and get back to Gracie. But no one ever gets back - except Orpheus, and he was alive. Nev’s dead… isn’t he?

It began life in the parks and commons of Greater London, under a Big Top, as a late night revue for the London Bubble, entitled HELL CAN BE HEAVEN.
is a dark musical comedy, based on DANTE’S INFERNO and ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD, incorporating various Greek myths and legends, all bound up by a throbbing rock score!
hell can be heaven
Hell can be heaven cast album

A cast album was recorded at Abbey Road. As it expanded into a Musical, it received two workshop productions along the way: in New York and Seattle.
  In 2001 it was short-listed in the International Playwriting Competition run by Croydon Warehouse Theatre, and short extracts from the show were performed over two nights at The Pleasance, Kings Cross.


Nicky Furre in hell can be Heaven

Hereward Kaye would like to gratefully acknowledge those who have contributed to its development;




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